GQ Audio FMOD+Unity Integration Tutorials

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My six-part series on the basics of sound design with FMOD and Unity.

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Collaborations, Current works, Experiments, Generative music

Run, Skeletons!

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Run, Skeletons! is a game development experiment in Unity, FMOD, and the XBox360 Kinekt. Players must lean left and right to help their character (a skeleton) run and escape the falling stones created by an earthquake. Monsters (werewolves, dragons, mummies) slow your progress, while purple vortexes provide temporary speed boosts. The game was designed for two […]

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Amergent music, Current works, Generative music, Research, Writing

Published: The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio

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My chapter, Musical Behavior and Amergence in Technoetic and Media Arts, explores the techniques and ideas behind Amergent music, a genre that draws from Experimental, Ambient, and Generative musical traditions and creates a third-order cybernetic stipulation between person and sound in environments of mediated interaction: games, apps, virtual worlds, and mediated spaces in the physical world. The […]

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Amergent music, Collaborations, Current works, Generative music, Writing

I am Ai We are Ai Book PDF

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We’ve self-published a book about I am Ai, We are Ai – the 2012 National Cultural Festival project in Tokushima, Japan that traced the network of traditional indigo in Japan from the soil of Tokushima to the workshops and studios of dyers throughout Japan. Hardcover, 62 pages and includes a CD of my sound work […]

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Amergent music, Collaborations, Current works, Generative music

I am Ai, We are Ai Audio Released on Bandcamp

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This release features a variety of sound recordings related to I am Ai. We are Ai. (2012) an installation by Rowland Ricketts & Norbert Herber. There are recordings of the final work, sketches made to test different ideas, recordings used as components in the installation, and raw material that, through various digital processes, was transformed […]

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Collaborations, Current works, Experiments

FM Timbre Experiment

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  Two images were split into their RGB channels. The three color values were then fed to a FM synth patch in nine second intervals. Each image is ~2:25 with three seconds of silence between. Rough and raw, but it’s a start.

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Current works, Experiments

Der Leiermann (process experiments)

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    The Organ-Grinder (Der Leiermann) by Wilhelm Müllertranslation by Barry Mitchell   Up behind the village The organ grinder has his pitch He stands barefoot or shuffles On the frozen ground   With stiff fingers He coaxes out the sound His saucer is empty Gifts for him are rare   No one listens to […]

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Humanexus Awards, Screenings, Press

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Awards & Screenings Legacy Media Institute International Film Festival (Nov 8-10, 2013), Norfolk, VA, USA Brownfish Short Film Festival, NYC (Nov 1-3, 2013), New York, NY, USA International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts (Oct 24-27, 2013), Los Angeles, CA, USA Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Oct 21-27, 2013), Uppsala, Sweden Roseville Animation Festival (Sept 27-28, […]

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Collaborations, Current works

Humanexus: Knowledge & Communication through the Ages

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Initial Story, Guidance, and Resources: Katy Börner (SLIS, Indiana University) Animation and Design: Ying-Fang Shen (Department of Communication Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University) Soundtrack: Norbert Herber (Department of Telecommunications, Indiana University) © 2013 About The Project This semi-documentary animation visualizes human communication from the Stone Age to today and beyond. It aims to make tangible the […]

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Collaborations, Generative music

Waveforms: The Art of Sound

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This short documentary (shot and produced by Nathan Crowder) walks viewers through the highlights of Waveforms. The gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter was originally shown as part of Waveforms in the fall of 2011. The work is now on exhibit in the Fox Building of the Meyerhoff Gallery at the Maryland Institute College […]

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