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Humanexus Official Film is online

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Producer (Initial Story / Guidance / Resources): Katy Börner, CNS, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University Director (Animation / Art / Design / Editing): Ying-Fang Shen, School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University Sound Artist (Music / Sound Track): Norbert Herber, Media School, Indiana University After film festivals, art galleries, lecture halls and conference […]

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Amergent music, Current works, Sound Art

For the [ ] of the Loop

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exhibition by Norbert Herber musician & sound artist Alexandre Hogue Gallery, University of Tulsa (Oklahoma, USA) Loops—short, repeated segments of a sound recording—have been used in musical instruments and devices, toys, gadgets, computer games, VR worlds, and fine art gallery exhibitions for many years. This exhibition explores the loop from a variety of technical and […]

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Amergent music, Collaborations, Current works, Generative music, Sound Art

Mobile Section

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Rowland Ricketts, Indigo Norbert Herber, Sound Mobile Section: a collection in a state of continuous change; its nature characterized by the various processes to which it is related. Gilles Deleuze describes a conception of reality in which every object or moment (expressed as “duration”) can be understood as a variety of constituent parts that undergo […]

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A-Life, Generative music

Baby Reindeer Update

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Just updated for iOS8: iTunes Store Baby Reindeer website

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Ugly Lies the Bone

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Sound design for a live theater show? Sure, why not… Though I’ve never done a project like it, when director David Anspaugh shared the script with me it was an immediate YES! Ugly Lies the Bone by Lindsay Ferrentino tells the story of Jess, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who returns home with severe burn […]

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GQ Audio FMOD+Unity Integration Tutorials

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My six-part series on the basics of sound design with FMOD and Unity.

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Collaborations, Current works, Experiments, Generative music

Run, Skeletons!

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Run, Skeletons! is a game development experiment in Unity, FMOD, and the XBox360 Kinekt. Players must lean left and right to help their character (a skeleton) run and escape the falling stones created by an earthquake. Monsters (werewolves, dragons, mummies) slow your progress, while purple vortexes provide temporary speed boosts. The game was designed for two […]

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Amergent music, Current works, Generative music, Research, Writing

Published: The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio

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My chapter, Musical Behavior and Amergence in Technoetic and Media Arts, explores the techniques and ideas behind Amergent music, a genre that draws from Experimental, Ambient, and Generative musical traditions and creates a third-order cybernetic stipulation between person and sound in environments of mediated interaction: games, apps, virtual worlds, and mediated spaces in the physical world. The […]

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Amergent music, Collaborations, Current works, Generative music, Writing

I am Ai We are Ai Book PDF

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We’ve self-published a book about I am Ai, We are Ai – the 2012 National Cultural Festival project in Tokushima, Japan that traced the network of traditional indigo in Japan from the soil of Tokushima to the workshops and studios of dyers throughout Japan. Hardcover, 62 pages and includes a CD of my sound work […]

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Amergent music, Collaborations, Current works, Generative music

I am Ai, We are Ai Audio Released on Bandcamp

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This release features a variety of sound recordings related to I am Ai. We are Ai. (2012) an installation by Rowland Ricketts & Norbert Herber. There are recordings of the final work, sketches made to test different ideas, recordings used as components in the installation, and raw material that, through various digital processes, was transformed […]

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