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For the [ ] of the Loop

10.14.15 | Comment?

For the [ ] of the Loop panorama

exhibition by Norbert Herber
musician & sound artist

Alexandre Hogue Gallery, University of Tulsa (Oklahoma, USA)

Loops—short, repeated segments of a sound recording—have been used in musical instruments and devices, toys, gadgets, computer games, VR worlds, and fine art gallery exhibitions for many years. This exhibition explores the loop from a variety of technical and artistic perspectives and questions the a/effects of loops in both mediated and physical reality.

Some of its Parts (2014) was a site-specific installation and collaboration with fiber artist Rowland Ricketts, originally shown at the Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art in Kennesaw, Georgia. For the Hogue, the installation will be re-presented in 5.1 channels with a quantitative focus on the data and organic materials that serve as the source sound material.

Humanexus: Knowledge & Communication Through the Ages (2013) is an animated semi-documentary explores human communication from the Stone Age to today and beyond. It aims to make tangible the enormous changes in the quantity and quality of our collective knowledge and the impact of different media and distribution systems on knowledge exchange.

This show will also premiere a variety of new works, including Oxidation (video and sound), Music Box (sound and mixed media), The Tyranny of Numbers (sound and projection),  and Der Leiermann (sound).

Interview with Rich Fisher on Studio Tulsa.

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