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Mobile Section

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Mobile Section (2015) Image courtesy of The Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Mobile Section (2015). Rowland Ricketts & Norbert Herber. Image courtesy of The Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Rowland Ricketts, Indigo
Norbert Herber, Sound

Mobile Section: a collection in a state of continuous change; its nature characterized by the various processes to which it is related.

Gilles Deleuze describes a conception of reality in which every object or moment (expressed as “duration”) can be understood as a variety of constituent parts that undergo a continuous change of relations. This change, when conceived as movement, is qualitative. It “…expresses the changing of the whole in relation to the objects and is itself a mobile section of duration.” (1) An artwork cannot stand for the whole, just as it cannot be reduced to its quanta. Rather, as a mobile section, the sonic and visual elements of this installation are part of a whole that include the loop of the indigo cycle, craft knowledge, the evolution of (historical) traditions of making, and the ongoing process that fosters this collaboration. “The real whole might well be, we conceive, an invisible continuity.” (2)

1. Gilles Deleuze Cinema I: The Movement-Image, 1983 (trans. 1986 by Tomlinson and Habberjam)
2. Here Deleuze quotes Henri Bergson from Creative Evolution

Mobile Section is a site-specific installation at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and part of Crafted: Objects in Flux curated by Emily Zilber. The exhibit runs August 25, 2015January 10, 2016.


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Audio & Video

3 days in 15 seconds. Hanging wall of #indigo @mfaboston – many thanks to all who helped: Norbert, Emily, Joel, Isaiah, Isabella, and many more!

A video posted by Rowland Ricketts (@rickettsindigo) on

One of the fantastic surprises of this work is how it moves with you as you’re walking through the space as though it’s breathing! #indigo #mfaboston #installation A video posted by Rowland Ricketts (@rickettsindigo) on

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