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I am Ai, We are Ai. Bandai warehouse installation

11.01.12 | Comment?

Bandai Warehouse Tokushima City, Tokushima Japan

Producer & Lead Textile Artist: Rowland Ricketts
Sound: Norbert Herber

This work is at the Bandai Warehouse in Tokushima City, Tokushima Japan through December 16, 2012. For hours and location: http://iamai.jp/en/tenji.html

“I am Ai, We are Ai.” is a partner work with “Fields of Indigo” (also by Ricketts and Herber), an installation at the Krannert Art Museum in Champaign-Urbana, IL (USA).

Through December 2012 all of this work is streaming live at http://goo.gl/fT5L1 Use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera to play the live OGG streams.

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