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Trak News Agency Series

03.09.09 | Comment?

traknewsThe Trak News Agency is a news-writing organization from William Burroughs’ novel “The Soft Machine.”
This series was composed in February and March of 2003. Given the political climate at the time, the concept of a news-writing agency seemed only too familiar.
The music heard in these works is a kind of amalgamation, reflecting many of the techniques I explored in 2002 and 2003. These include: randomization, audio cut-ups, and simulated tape loops. Similar to the ENO-like series, these works are intended for continuous listening.
Trak News Agency: 1 @260K
Trak News Agency: 2 @660K
The voice recordings of William Burroughs were drawn from “Call Me Burroughs,” reissued by Rhino World Beat, R2 71848

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