Run, Skeletons!

Will Emigh & Norbert Herber

Run, Skeletons! is a game development experiment in Unity, FMOD, and the XBox360 Kinekt. Players must lean left and right to help their character (a skeleton) run and escape the falling stones created by an earthquake. Monsters (werewolves, dragons, mummies) slow your progress, while purple vortexes provide temporary speed boosts. The game was designed for two players but can accommodate many more when those who move the skeletons are blindfolded and directed by spectators. Run, Skeletons! was designed for Free Range Arcade, the April 2014 BIG (Bloomington Indie Games) Night event.

An excerpt of the game music. The "skeleton drums" were created mainly with synthesized block sounds and ARP 2600 recordings.

Player masks were designed by Natasha Heines. The mask above was based on the 3D models from Bitgem. Below is the finished mask on a young player who helped test the game.


Unity Programming: Will Emigh
FMOD Soundtrack: Norbert Herber
Design: Will Emigh, Norbert Herber, Nathan Mishler
Level Design: Chris Ingerson, Jerrod Richards
3D Models & Animation: Bitgem
Mask Design & Construction: Natasha Heines
Event Promotion & Organization: Ian Pottmeyer