Musical Works


Presence was a short inquiry into the sounds of mobile devices and the sense of physical presence that can be created by sound.

three spaces: Maadi neighborhood in Cairo

three spaces: Sultan Hassan mosque

three spaces: girls' school stairwell

three spaces: Cairo museum exterior

three spaces explored the idea of sound as a delineator of space. While traveling in Egypt I recorded the sounds of neighborhoods, mosques, stairwells, and other environments. When I returned home to the studio these recordings were processed to emphasize the unique acoustic, textural, and melodic characteristics of each environment. Henri Lefebvre writes (1991) that space has an "affective kernel" that speaks to those who enter it. This project was an attempt to capture any sonic traces of such a kernel. Most of these recordings were later used as material for Dérive Enter Mille Sons.

Practical Lesson in the Use of English

Practical Lessons in the Use of English was a live performance of generative music and found texts.


Sanding uses John Matthias' NeuroGranular Sampler and a variety of other signal processes to draw texture, timbre, and overtones out of guitar drone recordings.