version 1.4

Updated for iOS8.

version 1.3

Audio pause/play button allows you to silence/resume Baby Reindeer when using other applications. There are also a few interface improvements.

version 1.2

Some minor bug fixes were introduced to resolve problems with the name of the app not displaying correctly.

version 1.1

Baby Reindeer can now play audio in the background while other applications are running.

Exiting Baby Reindeer while it's playing is simple (instructions from TUAW):
"There's actually a much simpler approach for quitting apps, and that's to use your recent app list. Double-click the home button to display the recently accessed applications. Press and hold any of the icons shown, then navigate to the application you want to quit and tap the red circled minus button. This sends a signal to the application in question that allows it to quit. The application will be re-added to the recents list the next time you launch it." (read the full story)

Not the most elegant solution I know, but this is currently the only option until Adobe AIR and iOS can agree on a way to safely and securely exit background-enabled applications.

version 1.0

There were no support issues for the initial release of Baby Reindeer.


Send support inquiries to brsupport [at] x-tet [dot] com